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In 1864, Granjard is a family-owned company specializing in household linen. 150 years of innovation later, the tradition remains with the same expertise in order to meet all the specific demands of local communities. Performance, creativity, dynamism, know-how…many strengths that have made Granjard

the textile reference in nursing homes, public and private hospitals, students accommodations, nurseries, city councils.. Because at Granjard, the passion for good fabrics, we wear it in our fibres!



A story of fibres...


1864 Creation of the company Granjard with a product range centered on household linen and damask table linen.

1955 Shift in the activity towards the health care sector.

The first innovating mattress cover is created.

1973 Development of a new of range decorative flame retardant fabrics (French M.1 classification) to comply with the safety standards in force in public places.

1982 A whole range of clothing for professionals in the health sector is developed. The product line diversifies with the addition of a range of mattresses for the health sector.

1988 Development of a commercial network at a national level.

1990 Opening of an additional production unit in Tunisia with a staff of 140.

1992 Logistics are improved through the creation of integrated warehousing units. An automated production tool is set up as well as quality control procedures.

1999 Creation of a new product line (baby and children products department) under the brand name CENTEX.

The first range of work shoes is developed.

2001 Extension of the buildings with new warehousing areas and computer-assisted logistical platform.

Creation of a new product range for health care and well being at home under the brand name HTEX with 450 independent distributors.

2007 Consolidations of imports through the opening of an office in Asia . Oekotex certification and commercial development on an international scale.

Perspectives for the future

Our objective is to reinforce our position as a recognized European leader in the provision of products for the health sector.